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Songs from Wilde's Wild West

Songs from Wilde's Wild West - Music/Lyrics: Robert W. Butts

Book:Steve Schweer adapted from play by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher

0:00 I Dont It All For You 5:10 I Wish I Were a Prince 7:43 Nobody Dies of Love 11:34 Je t'aime 14:27 You Must Propose to Me First 17:18Darling, I Always Arrive 20:25 I Never Knew My Mama Knew a Prince 23:10 Central Park Moon 27:56 Out of Leadville 30:17 I'm Freezin' 33:15 I Once Was Young 36:47 Daughter of the Royalty 39:30 Reprise: Done It All/Je t'aime

Madame Augusta - Ann Urbanowitz; Sherriff Willie - Brian Jamieson; Frenchie - Timmie Cole; Charlie - Paolo Arante; Oscar Wilde - Sean Puzzo; Lily Langry - Emily Thompson; Prince of Wales - Frank Ortega; Book by Steven Schweer adapted from play by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher,

Choreography - Bud Masters;

September 17 2016 - Bell and Barter Theatre, Rockaway, New Jersey, Brian Foran - Video Producer