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Richard Wagner - Die Walküre - Excerpts

0:00 Vorspiel
3:10 Winterstürme 
6:54 Siegmund! Sieh auf mich
19:13 Ride of the Walkure - Hojotoho!
35:40 Weis' ich dir mehr Helden zur Wal
42:20 Der Diese Liebe
57:15 Leb wohl

Excerpts are taken from a performance I conducted with New Jersey Concert Opera in Plainfield, New Jersey. These are my favorite moments of the 3+ hours of music. The performance was one of the greatest moments of my conducting work and I am eternally grateful to Olive Lynch and New Jersey Concert Opera, the great cast and orchestra for this incredible opportunity. I had no video so the visual portion is my attempt to blend photos I had taken with images of myself conducting and instruments of the orchestra with images of nature - primarily the forest. I hope you enjoy.