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New York Opera Success

Presenting The Cask of Amontillado (libretto/music by Robert W. Butts and Mark Twain and the General (libretto by Jewel Seehaus Fiisher, music by Robert W. Butts) at The National Opera Center in New York was exciting and thrilling.  

Thanks to a great orchestra, a great cast and great friends, the afternoon was one to be long remembered!     Pianist Alex Cap, flutist Margaret Walker, bassoonist Andrew Pecota and cellist Nancy Connell brought out the melodies and themes while providing a great orchestral sound.    Both casts were great, conveying the music and the characters in unforgettable fashion.   Cask of Amontillado featured Karole Lewis (Anna), Emily Thompson (Angela), Peter Lewis (John) and Timmie Cole (Lisa).   Mark Twain and the General featured John Lamb (Ulysses S. Grant), Karole Lewis (Julia Grant), Peter Lewis (cook and soldier), Brian Jamieson (Mark Twain), Tom Loughman (soldier) and Timmie Cole (soldier).   

The video below includes photos from the event.  I greatly appreciate the help of friends in taking and sharing their photos with me.  The recording is from past performances of the two operas.