Robert Butts

Conductor ● Composer ● Educator

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Wilde's Wild West

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Book by Steven M. Schweer
Music and Lyrics by Robert W. Butts

Oscar Wilde, on his 1882 tours of the United States of America, arrives in the small mining town of Leadville, Colorado, to give one of his lectures on Florence, the place where the Renaissance was born and the rediscovery of the importance of art in life.  Once there he discovers that the town is run by Madame Augusta and her henchman, Sheriff Willie. Together they lie, cheat, run men out of town, even hang a man to extend their control over the town and its workers. Madame Augusta's daughter Frenchie, the local beauty, is pursued by Sheriff Willie, but she is in love with Charlie, a common miner and her mother's enemy, because he wants fairness for his men.  Oscar devises a plan to outwit Madame Augusta, and the Sheriff in the process, free Leadville of its oppressors, and rescue young love, while never giving up his outlook on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. He is aided in his endeavors by the sudden arrival of Miss Lillie Langtry and the somewhat expected visit by The Prince of Wales. Everyone gets into the action and in the end…Well you’ll just have to see the show to know who ends up with whom and who gets to know what Je t’aime is.  Wilde's Wild West was adapted from the play Wilde Night in the Rockies by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher.

MADAM AUGUSTA, Late 30’s; The Silver Queen & proprietor of Hell in a Handbasket Saloon Born in England, Moved to New York, then out West. (Watch for the spelling of the words for which dialect to use.)
SHERIFF WILLIE, 32ish, Sheriff and Madam Augusta's henchman. Does anything for Madam Augusta; thinks he’s in love with Frenchie.
FRENCHIE, 17, Madam Augusta's daughter, in love with Charlie. Western with awkward refinement. Not all that bright.
MINER CHARLIE, 25ish, A rugged good looking fellow. In love with Frenchie.
OSCAR WILDE, 27, In Dandy clothing… He’s Oscar
LILLIE LANGTRY, 30's, An actress, elegantly dressed.
PRINCE OF WALES, 50's, Confidently and royally sexy, wears dazzling medals and a fine coat.
PIANO PLAYER, Any age - Plays all the music for the show.

1882, Leadville, Colorado.
The play is set entirely in the “Hell in a Handbasket Saloon”
during Oscar Wilde's lecture tour of America.

The Act I Picnic and the Act II Memory scenes, take place in the center of the “Hell in a Handbasket Saloon”, in the minds of the actors, while the rest of the room is shadowed.
The Piano Player should always be playing a little soft tune. At the director's discretion the player may come and go

Video below contains clips from two different performances in 2014 and 2016.

August 2014 - BONJ Summer Music Festival - Don Sheasley, Brian Jamieson, Emily Clare Thompson, Ira Barth, Amy Suznovich, Laine Sutton, Eric Roper

September 2016 - Bell and Barter Theatre - Brian Jamieson, Emily Clare Thompson, Timothy Maureen Cole, Frank Ortega, Ann Urbanowicz, Paolo Arante, Sean Puzzo